The Logistics Living Lab (LLL) at Leipzig University is the first of its kind in Germany and provides practical representation of complex supply chains. INCONTROL is proud that the team counts with its innovative projects on Enterprise Dynamics.

The purpose of my research at the warehouse of Etos (Etos is part of Ahold) was to deliver a dynamic inbound transportation schedule which is flexible for tactical adjustments in the future.

Four students of the Amsterdam University of applied sciences used INCONTROL's Pedestrian Dynamics to simulate the evacuation of the school building. It was one of the assignments during their minor Modeling & Simulating. Pedestrian Dynamics is the crowd simulator of INCONTROL. All noncommercial education and research institutes can purchase an Educational license and benefit from special discounted prices. It is the first time INCONTROL's crowd simulation software Pedestrian Dynamics is used on the Amsterdam University and with success!

In this graduation project we had to investigate how to improve the production process to make it more flexible and improve the delivery reliability given that the demand in the market is uncertain and volatile

We are delighted to announce the cooperation between INCONTROL Simulation Solutions and the Chair of Construction Management and Construction Methods at Bauhaus University in Weimar! Together with scientists from Bauhaus University, INCONTROL is working on the adaptation and extension of existing simulation objects in Enterprise Dynamics for answering construction-specific issues.

After careful mathematical research, Industrial Engineering student Loe Schlicher (University of Technology, Eindhoven) chooses simulation and specifically the simulation tool Enterprise Dynamics for his analysis. The delivered report of the project was chosen as the best thesis of 2011 for the bachelor study in Industrial Engineering and Operational Management. This article tells the story of a successful ED-Student.
Despite their practical importance, not much theoretical research has been done on Lateral Shipment policies (LSPs). LSP methods are extensively used in the Supply Chain Industry to reduce product stock outs. Essentially a Lateral Shipment involves redistributing stock among retailers instead of making emergency orders to the warehouse. The use of efficient LSPs can reduce the cost of emergency replenishments and also prevent stock outs that lead to loss of sales and customer dissatisfaction.

Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (BUPT) uses ED Educational to meet the requirements of the logistics courses. Students are given data from real world logistics systems and use ED to analyze and optimize the flow.

Operations Research (OR) group members from the University of Amsterdam have won the first price at the annual conference of the American Society for Operations Research and Management Science (INFORMS).

For years the use of simulation in education environments has been appreciated. Also at the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) simulation with ENTERPRISE DYNAMICS (ED) is used in courses.