hva_pdmodel3dFour students of the Amsterdam University of applied sciences used INCONTROL's Pedestrian Dynamics to simulate the evacuation of the school building. It was one of the assignments during their minor Modeling & Simulating. Pedestrian Dynamics is the crowd simulator of INCONTROL. All noncommercial education and research institutes can purchase an Educational license and benefit from special discounted prices. It is the first time INCONTROL's crowd simulation software Pedestrian Dynamics is used on the Amsterdam University and with success!

In 2012 Amsterdam University and INCONTROL started a pilot to use Pedestrian Dynamics during the minor Modeling & Simulating. How long does it take to evacuate the school building? ' was the question to answer for the students. The students were very enthusiastic and satisfied regarding the software.

Kevin Bankersen (Architectural Engineering), Kayleigh Vogelaar (Civil Engineering), Stephan Hovius (Game Development) and Erwin Klijn (Game Development) are the four students who worked with Pedestrian Dynamics during their minor. The assignment: Set up an evacuation study for the school building with Pedestrian Dynamics. "An interesting and specific assignment which connects with my study. PD gave me a lot of insight in how to build and divide different spaces in a building." according to Kevin. Kayleigh agrees: "With PD you can visualize and provide insight into pedestrian flows, this is the most important data you need for an evacuation study."

Stephan and Erwin think it would be a good idea for University's to use the software in an earlier stage of the minor: "It is a user friendly tool in which you can easily and quick simulate any kind of situation and visualize abstract data. There is so much you can examine by modeling and analyzing pedestrian flows with simulation."

INCONTROL congratulates Kevin, Kayleigh, Stephan and Erwin with passing the minor Modeling & Simulating. Kevin even finished his assignment with the highest mark possible, a ten!