ws_produktlogos_educationIn education it is important to convey the principles of system dynamics in manufacturing and logistic processes without spending too much time getting to know a supporting software package. Curriculum time is limited and an attractive simulation tool as well as informative and practical teaching materials is vital to keep the attention of students. Enterprise Dynamics is exactly the tool for this purpose.

An attractive simulation tool is a must to keep the attention of your students

Enterprise Dynamics Educational is a complete Discrete Event simulation package for higher education. It consists of three parts: modern teaching materials, continuous support for teachers, and software.

Enterprise Dynamics Educational provides you with a library of easy to use modeling objects for simulation. It offers complete functionality to explain the effects of different queuing strategies, uncertainty, machine utilization, rework, work-in-progress, safety stocks, tool sharing and so on. The package contains modules for graphs and reports, an experimentation module, 2D and 3D animation. Besides using the prebuilt modeling objects from the library, Enterprise Dynamics enables the ability to develop your own simulation objects or to modify any of the existing simulation objects.

Benefits of using Enterprise Dynamics at your institution:

  • Free software upgrades
  • Enterprise Dynamics Academy, a special online portal for educators
  • Easy access to the teaching material
  • Free updates on teaching package
  • Technical support
  • Teacher support
  • Discounts for training and events.

Benefits for your students:

  • Easy home-use access for students.
  • Community support. Our experienced Simulation Engineers are active members of our community forum and fully engaged in answering user questions.
  • Graduate support program. Students and teachers are fully supported while doing projects at companies with our Student Graduation Program.