INCONTROL offers affordable Enterprise Dynamics Licenses for Students. These licenses are supposed for easy home-use access of Enterprise Dynamics.

  • ED Student Starter: a free limited single seat license for students
  • ED Student Pro: an affordable 1-year single seat subscription license for students

To get started with simulation, students can download a free ED Student Starter license. This license is limited in model size but sufficient for the ED Tutorial and basic course work.

To enable students to do all course work and simulation projects on their own device, INCONTROL offers the ED Student Pro license. This license comes without limitations in model size and offers the full Enterprise Dynamics 9 functionality.

  ED Student Starter ED Student Pro
Price Free Paid
Model size (Max Nr of Atoms) 30 Unlimited
Packages and upgrades Delete Check
Technical support
Community Community
Time limitation
120 days subscription period

All ED Student licenses are technically equivalent to the commercial Enterprise Dynamics 9 offering, but are for non-commercial education and research purposes only.