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Bunnik Plants B.V. is a Dutch plant grower that struggled to deliver their products on time to the customer, because of changing customer desired. By using the Enterprise Dynamics software package a simulation model was constructed that aided in the decision making process on how to redesign the daily order delivery strategy. With the model both duration and capacity analyses in relation to transportation were performed that resulted in valuable insights on to what extent the current order delivery process could be altered.

When you are editing 4DScript code, ED automatically inserts the ) when you type (. Sometimes that's nice, but sometimes it isn't. In those cases you can disable the feature by going to the Editor section of the menu and unsetting the AutoBrackets checkbox.

For a long time improving learning and thinking has been an aim of the educational community. Therefore, the VTB project of Midden-Limburg intensively studies the benefits of technological computer applications.The research concerns computer applications which are specified as mindtools. A mindtool is software that delivers knowledge representations of its users mind. The educational value of a mindtool is the possibility to stimulate learners’ generic critical thinking skills while developing content based knowledge and skills. In our opinion, ED is such a mindtool.

INCONTROL offers a special and very extensive single-seat license of Enterprise Dynamics 9 for students; ED9 Student Pro.

The theory of constraints states that every process has a bottleneck and that this bottleneck is the weak link in the process. Determining the weak spot or bottleneck is vital for any company since it influences the maximum throughput of the process. To determine the maximum throughput as a function of various components, Enterprise Dynamics was used to simulate the impact on this constraint in the process. Determining the impact made it possible to change the process to remove the constraint and increase throughput.

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In November 2006 I was asked to participate in a pilot around ICT and technology. In de past months there has been regular contact between the company Incontrol, head office VTB Holland and the ICTorganisation Kennisnet/Ictopschool to develop a pilot for the use of the program Enterprise Dynamics in the last years of our primary school.


INCONTROL proudly announces the release of Enterprise Dynamics 9, the simulation tool for the simulation of material flow, logistics and transport processes.

This graduation project analyses the fully automated (bulk) pallet hall of EDCO Eindhoven B.V. by means of simulation.