In November 2006 I was asked to participate in a pilot around ICT and technology. In de past months there has been regular contact between the company Incontrol, head office VTB Holland and the ICTorganisation Kennisnet/Ictopschool to develop a pilot for the use of the program Enterprise Dynamics in the last years of our primary school. classroom

We formed a project group with Mr. J. de Lange as president, with participation of members of Incontrol, pilot Limburg and our pilot. For the practical realisation we found in West-Brabant the last year group of primary school De Klaverweide in Roosendaal accessible to spent time, energy and rooms for this pilot.

After a first introduction to the teachers and head teacher we have organised eight meetings on the Friday mornings from 8.45 till 10.30 on a regular base. This group is formed by 16 children with two teachers. When they work individually; we spent al lot of energy in the personal coaching. Incontrol offers us a software specialist to complete the team.

Simulation was the central keyword in the eight meetings. Typical was the enthusiasm of the kids when they were sitting behind the personal computer working with simulation. The English language and the abstract models used in the software were no problem for them. The use of simulation is for everyone clear: Rebuilding the reality is not risky, it provides you enough information for the reality. To build their own factory was stimulation for perfection and a sign of recognition. Each child has build his own reality of there future factory and became soon the director of a booming business.klaverweide

Kids in Control is a project for children and teachers. For our team it is a useful instrument that we can use in the future.We would like to thank Incontrol en VTB for making this possible...

June 2007

Ton van Oorschot