In November 2006 I was asked to participate in a pilot around ICT and technology. In de past months there has been regular contact between the company Incontrol, head office VTB Holland and the ICTorganisation Kennisnet/Ictopschool to develop a pilot for the use of the program Enterprise Dynamics in the last years of our primary school.

For a long time improving learning and thinking has been an aim of the educational community. Therefore, the VTB project of Midden-Limburg intensively studies the benefits of technological computer applications.The research concerns computer applications which are specified as mindtools. A mindtool is software that delivers knowledge representations of its users mind. The educational value of a mindtool is the possibility to stimulate learners’ generic critical thinking skills while developing content based knowledge and skills. In our opinion, ED is such a mindtool.

INCONTROL is already active in the educational sector for a long time. Universities and Colleges use the Educational Suite to educate students in simulation. But can ED also be used by children in the age of 10-14 years old?