ED9 Features Training Invitation

Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences have been using Enterprise Dynamics for the past years to support their logistic and industrial engineering classes.

A dedicated group of teacher now uses Enterprise Dynamics Virtual Reality (VR Factory) visualization features to introduce the software to their second year students.


From the second year all students will be educated in the use of Enterprise Dynamics, allowing them to build and simulate different types of simulation models. The ultimate goal is applying predictive analytics simulations with Enterprise Dynamics in their graduation projects.

The group of teachers successfully followed an Enterprise Dynamics Training Course to prepare their classes in the VR Factory. A successful demonstration was given showing the possibilities using an Oculus. Besides the Enterprise Dynamics Basic Training  Course the group of teachers also followed a more in-depth training to learn more about the extensive capabilities of Enterprise Dynamics. This has strengthened their knowledge how to tackle the challenges and questions that they will get from the industry with the graduation projects of the students.

Enterprise Dynamics is a versatile tool that can be used throughout all years of our academic program.

A.J. de Jong, Lecturer Industrial Engineering & Management


INCONTROL values the close cooperation with its educational customer and supports teacher to better prepare their classes. Would you also like to introduce the VR Factory into your classes or learn more about the extensive capabilities of Enterprise Dynamics? Contact our training and education team at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .