With the standard atoms and using the predefined logics you can already build quite a lot of interesting models. To analyze these models you often have to gather a lot of data. A Table atom can be used to store such data, but it requires some skills in 4DScript to correctly access the table from the various locations in the model where interesting events occur. Many people are not aware of the existence of the Data Recorder atom, which is designed specifically to record data from the model and write it to a Table or to Excel.

INCONTROL is already active in the educational sector for a long time. Universities and Colleges use the Educational Suite to educate students in simulation. But can ED also be used by children in the age of 10-14 years old?

To introduce the new features of the latest simulation software release Enterprise Dynamics 9, INCONTROL offers a free ED9 Features Training.

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The purpose of my research was to investigate if the cleaning process of Asito Transport Aircraft Services B.V. could be improved, and this was done with the following main question: 

Can the cleaning process of Asito Transport Aircraft Services B.V. be improved and what would the consequences of these improvements be?

Asito is a large cleaning company in the Netherlands that is spread out over the entire country and has several specializations, including Asito Medical and Asito Transport. Asito Transport Aircraft Services B.V. is a part of Asito Transport and is established at Schiphol Airport, which was also the location of this research study.

INCONTROL offers a special and very extensive single-seat license of Enterprise Dynamics 9 for students; ED9 Student Pro.

The main goal of my research was to provide more insight into how the resources in one of the freight buildings of KLM Cargo could be controlled to improve the efficiency of workload management.

KLM Cargo is the freight division of KLM, the Royal Dutch Airlines. The home base is at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, where this research took place. It has a hub-function, where freight arrives and departs by truck as well as by aircraft. World Port, one of the three freight buildings of the KLM Cargo HUB, handles freight that has to be flown to an intercontinental destination. The research focused on this part of the KLM Cargo HUB.


INCONTROL proudly announces the release of Enterprise Dynamics 9, the simulation tool for the simulation of material flow, logistics and transport processes.

Aiming for the optimum of each separate department often does not give the optimum result of all departments combined. Technical simulation is one of todays most advanced tools to obtain detailed information on any process. The Enterprise Dynamics Logistics platform introduces technical tools to simulate company's internal material flow, while providing common process elements which can be specified by certain parameters. Recreating a copy of the processes in ED does not only analyze current material flows but contains the possibility to calculate through a variety of alternatives, on which progressive company decisions can be based.

INCONTROL's Italian partner LAC is official sponsor of the XVIII Summer School "Francesco Turco", in Senigallia (Italy) and will be held from 11 - 13 September 2013. INCONTROL is proud to say that LAC will participate and show the educational possibilities of Enterprise Dynamics. 

To support the planning and construction process of a new container terminal, the aim of the research subproject is to build a simulation suite which enables the modeling and simulation of material and information flows in a container terminal.