nicoOperations Research (OR) group members from the University of Amsterdam have won the first price at the annual conference of the American Society for Operations Research and Management Science (INFORMS).

The poster presentation: Blood Platelet Optimization for Blood Banks: Theory meets Practice, as presented by Prof. Dr. Nico van Dijk was selected as first prize winner out of 100 submissions for its scientific and real-world contribution.

The research was a collective achievement by a number of Operations Research group members (some of them former): Prof. Dr. Nico van Dijk, Dr. René Haijema, Prof. Dr. ir. Jan van der Wal, Nikky Kortbeek and Michiel Janssen. In close cooperation with the Dutch Blood Bank Sanquin: Wim de Kort (Director of Donors); Eric Jansen (Director Operations), Naud Jansen (Manager Logistics region South-East) and INCONTROL Simulation Solutions: Fred Jansma, Marlies Wouters – van Leeuwen.

The work can be seen as a tribute to classical OR in combination with state-of-the-art simulation technology. It has already proven to be practical and seems promising for wider application.”