Beijing University of Posts and TelecommunicationsBeijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (BUPT) uses ED Educational to meet the requirements of the logistics courses. Students are given data from real world logistics systems and use ED to analyze and optimize the flow.

In courses such as Logistics Planning and Design and Inventory Management, students need to master theoretical knowledge first, then combine what they have learnt theoretically with their own active involvement. BUPT needs to test and evaluate the logistics system designed by the students through modeling and simulation. However as the hardware devices are too expensive, they need a software tool to do the modeling and analysis.

BUPT wishes to use the software in the following processes:

  • Inbound and outbound
  • Product’s packaging and unpacking
  • Product’s sorting
  • RFID read-write data

In terms of functions, the software must be easily operated with rich model libraries, powerful data analysis and open platform, making it convenient for teachers and students to rapidly model and evaluate the logistics system based on their theoretical knowledge and the actual logistics systems they have visited before.

BUPT has designed several logistics systems of different industry and applications according to the current hot research topics.

  • Mail Sorting System
  • Tobacco logistics system
  • Warehouse storage systems

The system structure and related data, such as product’s type and quantity, server failure rate, speed of the transporter, type of warehouse storage and so on, are distributed to groups of students who will develop their own logistics systems. Having received the assignment, students discuss how to build the system within the group, and then use ED to create the model and analyze the results and output. They export the data directly into Excel and present the results in tables, charts and figures for a intuitive outlook. They apply their theoretical knowledge to change the parameters to obtain better results and find the optimal solution. The teacher compares the models handed in by each group to find out the best one, evaluate and analyse it.

Using ED Educational, BUPT has greatly enhanced the teaching quality and the capabilities of the students, which will contribute a lot to their future work after graduation.