INCONTROL proudly announces the release of Enterprise Dynamics 9, the simulation tool for the simulation of material flow, logistics and transport processes.

The theory of constraints states that every process has a bottleneck and that this bottleneck is the weak link in the process. Determining the weak spot or bottleneck is vital for any company since it influences the maximum throughput of the process. To determine the maximum throughput as a function of various components, Enterprise Dynamics was used to simulate the impact on this constraint in the process. Determining the impact made it possible to change the process to remove the constraint and increase throughput.

LACINCONTROL's Italian partner LAC is official sponsor of the XVIII Summer School "Francesco Turco", in Senigallia (Italy) and will be held from 11 - 13 September 2013. INCONTROL is proud to say that LAC will participate and show the educational possibilities of Enterprise Dynamics. 

LLL_goedThe Logistics Living Lab (LLL) at Leipzig University is the first of its kind in Germany and provides practical representation of complex supply chains. INCONTROL is proud that the team counts with its innovative projects on Enterprise Dynamics.